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Facilitating dances through service touchpoint innovation


Often women dancers unknowingly fall into the 'follower' role. How might we help dancers learn their options from the moment they walk into the dance space in a way that also helps dancers communicate what roles they are open to performing during the class?


Lead designer


A wearable product that confronts all dancers with their options upfront. DanceCode is a kit of color-coded wristbands for dance event organizations to offer their customers' preferred dance role communication. DanceCode innovates on an existing interface in the dance experience to facilitate an interaction based on stated preferences instead of gendered assumptions.


Ideation, ethnographic research, branding, service prototyping, evaluative testing


The product positively affected 86% of users’ interactions at dance events in its alpha-stage, garnered positive feedback from customers, and resulted in limited B2B prototype and two fresh sales leads for other interested partner dance event companies.




Figma, Illustrator, Google Forms

12 weeks

Bailamos Juntos Social

Hero image of Monica Albornoz's project


1. User feedback reaffirmed my commitment to research-driven product design.

2. B2B2C design fascinates me with its need to balance customer impact and business operations.

Next steps

1. Develop a glow-in-the-dark prototype despite the costs, considering its environmental benefits. Next up: find a supplier.

2. Conduct a pilot study involving B2B online orders, live events, and inventory exchange to gauge the product’s value.

Eager to dive deeper? View the full case study.

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