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De Stijl Tumbling Tower

Perfect-fit game design for a world-renowned brand


The MoMA design store wanted a fresh giftable product for their wholesale catalogue. Proposals should match the globally-renowned MoMA brand, communicate their function at a glance, and be remarkably simple to produce.


Lead Designer


A straightforward but yet unexplored take on the classic Jenga game. By coating the blocks in the signature De Stijl colors and straight lines the unmistakable aesthetics of this art movement comes to life. Cleverly referencing De Stijl ideas of balance and dynamism, the composition evolves as each player makes their mark.


Ideation, naming and copywriting, low-to-high-fidelity prototyping, design specs, pitching and negotiation, client relations.


The product generated over US$61,603.80 in product sales within the first two months of launch (November and December 2023), prompting a re-order to meet demand.

The product was also featured in Architectural Digest Magazine in 2023 and appeared on the cover of MoMA's December 2023 Gift Guide.





7 weeks

The Museum of Modern Art

Hero image of Monica Albornoz's project


1. Designing involves both the creative process and practical production, valuing all ideas and finding the sweet spot between creativity and feasibility.

Next steps

1. Once MoMA makes the product available, I'd be interested to conduct user interviews with consumers. I want to learn how the game is performing at a mechanical, visual, and emotional level.

2. Also, I'm preparing to pitch two other new products to MoMA and a similar company.

Eager to dive deeper?

View the full case study.

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