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QHack 2023

End-to-end branding for ease of use and global appeal


To brand and produce QHack 2023, Xanadu's multi-channel five-day signature symposium in 8 weeks, as Xanadu's first and solo designer. QHack should appeal to a global audience, embody celebration, and solidify QHack’s reputation as a leading conference in the eyes of corporate and university partners.


Lead visual designer


A bauhaus-inspired identity system developed across print, motion, and web, delivered with intent for non-designers to apply without guidance.


Stakeholder alignment, cross-functional leadership, end-to-end brand design, including art direction and production of static, motion, and interactive digital assets.


My work contributed to the company attracting 2,000 new server members, a 50% increase in booked speakers, and sponsored prizes valued at US$150,000, and saved Xanadu an estimated CAD$1,200 by designing a clickable website prototype whose reusable components doubled the site’s usual longevity.




Figma, Illustrator, Aftereffects, Canva, Miro

8 weeks

Xanadu Quantum Technologies

Hero image of Monica Albornoz's project


1. Empowering team members and clients with the skills to engage with my work is deeply rewarding.

2. I thrive in the supportive and autonomous environment of tech startups and would love to return to this space.

Next steps

1. Stay in touch with Xanadu’s marketing and community teams to see how my work on QHack 2023 shaped their future events.

Curious to learn more?

Contact me for full case studies.

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